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Changes Should be Made Slowly

Changes Should be Made Slowly
I want to remind you of the first two tips for transitioning into a new position:
Tip #1 – Develop a Formal Introduction the First Day
Tip #2 – Listen More, Talk Less!

Now for Tip #3 – Changes Should be Made Slowly

WOW, sounds simple right, but it is definitely a consistent error that managers make when moving into a new position. Transitioning supervisors must recognize that change is hard for most people, but usually because they don’t understand why the change is needed or how it will benefit them. That is why it is so important to change slowly. Making changes without the development of a foundation of trust and communication is hard. This does not mean, don’t change, it just means to do it slowly and give time for trust to develop.

70% of revolutionary change fails because there is not a well thought out process to make changes.

Here are a few things that I think are important when implementing change:

  1. Communicate the Need for Change (VISION) and How it will Benefit the Organization and the Individual.
  2.  Involve the People that will be Affected.
  3. Celebrate the Small Wins
  4. Frequent and Consistent Communication has to be Implemented constantly to inform Why Change is Needed, How the Change is Going and Its Future Benefits.

I cannot overstate the fact that change should be a process and its implementation should never be done without a detailed plan (even if the change is small). I challenge you to Implement Change Slowly in transitioning. You, your people and the organization will be the better for it.

If you need further assistance, let me know. I can help. You can reach me at or 919-923-3109. Also, I offer a FREE E-Book on my website titled, Five Tips to Successful Transitioning. This is a powerful tutorial for new leaders.

Finally, I am an Associate Certified Coach through ICF that can help you in a number of ways. If you are seeking clarity around a situation that has stymied you or if you are looking to develop a plan to meet your goals, I can help! Give me a call or reach me by email. Until Next Time!

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