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“The DCRP Team thoroughly enjoyed our strategic planning session. We were engaged to learn more about ourselves, each other and how our unique passions will drive our mission and vision into the future. Through your leadership, we revealed our accomplishments, challenges, personal and agency goals just to name a few. These immeasurable tools will allow us to focus on effective transitioning, prosperous growth and stay on the proactive front of trending changes within our organization and community. We thank Dale Smith, (Smith Management Training and Consulting) for your leadership, dedication and support.”
Paul Moore, Director
Davie County Parks and Recreation Department

“I hired Smith Management Training and Consulting Services to conduct a leadership retreat focused on change management. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Dale Smith guided our group to understand each other’s roles and perspectives, establish an organizational culture, and most importantly how we communicate and process change individually. We now have a much greater understanding of each other individually and therefore the entire leadership team. Dale Smith excelled in making each us feel comfortable as she was engaging, informative, and relatable to each person.”
Ernie Pages, Director
Kernersville Parks and Recreation

“Dale led us through an energizing and enlightening day and a half of team-building starting with the MBTI profile and our results. The way Dale taught our team about our differences and how we could use those to our benefit was truly enlightening and fun. We were able to reach a deeper level of understanding about the different ways we all work and how to work with each other even though we are all very different people with different methods of achieving our goals.
Dale is a very motivating and engaging trainer, and I would encourage anybody who feels like their team needs some “bringing together” to reach out to her for some help. She was prepared and very professional. It was fun and we learned a lot about ourselves and each other.”

Lisa Money
Yadking Valley Economic Development District (YVEDDI)
Senior Services Director