“Lean In”

Recently, I was asked if there were any books, articles or publications that I would recommend for anyone to read and/or follow and here is how I responded.

“Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg has become one of my mantras. This book has really jump started the conversation about the lack of women in leadership roles in businesses and identified some of the reasons for it. I think that this continues to be a substantial issue. At least the conversation has started! There is much more awareness. I founded the North Carolina Women’s LeadHership Workshop for Parks and Recreation Professionals. This book and the information contained is used to raise awareness within the profession. Parks and Recreation has always been a male dominated profession but more and more women are choosing this work for their life’s profession. Even though there are more women working in the field, the percentage of women leading agencies is very small. It is our goal to raise awareness of the roadblocks that might exist. The LeadHership conference inspires women to persevere by providing successful role models and their powerful stories. It has had a profound effect on our attendees and has changed women’s lives. ADD info about the upcoming event with a link… to REGISTER.

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