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Looking for a Seamless Transition

Looking for a Seamless Transition

WOW, I wish I had a dime for every time someone asked me advice on the best way to transition into a new position.

It is definitely within the top five questions I am asked. Well, I am going to share my tips with you for making a seamless transition:

  1. Develop a Formal Process for Introduction starting the first day.
  2. Talk Less, Listen More!
  3. When implementing Change, do it Slowly.
  4. Keep negative impressions of past administrations to Yourself.
  5. Recognize that there will be a Difference between the Perception and Reality of the new position.

I have used these steps in many transitions and if used correctly, they really work to establish leadership quickly and gets everyone on the same page. Here is the reasoning. We all work really hard to advance our careers. We do our homework for interviews; we prepare, prepare, prepare and then we get the job on that first day – what happens then? We rarely give a great deal of thought about introducing ourselves into a different environment and how that might be implemented. Having a plan to solidify who you are and what you plan to bring to the organization, along with, being able to directly communicate with those that will be implementing collective goals and objectives is critical to immediate success. In this month’s message, we will discuss Tip #1.

Three steps to develop a formal process for introducing yourself:

  1. Schedule an Expectations Meeting for Direct Reports on the 1st Day
  2. Schedule One on One Interviews with Direct Reports
  3. Schedule Expectations Meetings for the Full Team

The Direct Reports expectations meeting should include:

  1. Who you are, your experience and why you joined the team
  2. What they can expect from you and what you expect of them
  3. Find out about them – their experience, time with organization, ask a little about background
  4. Talk about goals and what you envision to contribute to the organization

This will give your direct reports time to get to know you, time to give you a sense of how your team is comprised and it will immediately establish a change in leadership and direction.

This really works! Try it!

Secondly, the One on One Interview with Direct Reports should be conducted as soon as possible. I have developed a list of questions that gives me an overall image of the organization and individual contributions. These questions are asked consistently of every Direct Report. This gives, you as the new leader, time to get information from staff on a variety of items such as experience, length of tenure, successes, challenges and any history that you need to know.

Last, I recommend scheduling expectations meetings with the full team. The size of the organization will depend on how quickly this can be accomplished, but size should not be a deterrent for accomplishing this. You may have to do it in teams for larger organizations, but making this effort will go a very long way because everyone would have heard it from YOU! You can do this in person or by web software that will allow conversation and feedback.

I challenge you to start using a formal process for transitioning. You will develop a great resource for the future. If you need further assistance, let me know. I can help. You can reach me at or 919-923-3109. I offer a free thirty-minute coaching discovery session. Let’s calendar a time to explore your leadership.

Also, I offer a FREE E-Book on my website titled, Five Tips to Successful Transitioning. This is a powerful tutorial for new leaders. Visit my website at: to download yours today.

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