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Negative Thoughts On Previous Administration Should Not Be Shared

Seamless Transitions

I want to remind you of the first three tips for transitioning into a new position:
Tip #1 – Develop a Formal Introduction the First Day
Tip #2 – Listen More, Talk Less!
Tip #3 – Changes Should be Made Slowly

Now for Tip #4
Negative Thoughts On Previous Administration Should Not Be Shared

Well, this one should be a no brainer, but I see this regularly with new managers.

Usually when this occurs there is typically a lack of awareness that this type of communication can negatively affect the organization, or a miscalculation that this type of criticism can establish change in leadership.  Either can destroy trust and develop strong negative feelings from employees that worked under the previous administration.

It is important to remember that previous administrations have loyal followers that are still within the organization, even if they are no longer in power.  Those people left within the agency who developed relationships with their previous managers are still loyal to that relationship. I have seen new managers do this so poorly that they spend the rest of their administration trying to recover from those early days sharing every negative thing that they felt occurred prior to their tenure.  It alienated staff, volunteers and the community.  It’s an easy road to avoid so make sure you do just that!

Again, I challenge you to refrain from sharing this information even if it might be obvious.  It will go a long way with transitioning smoothly and gaining respect for those still tied to former managers.

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