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Organizational Review


Agency Assessment
Restructure Development Plan
Change Management Support

Organizations mature, change and reinvent themselves all the time.  Our rapidly changing environment challenges leadership with:

  • Fluctuating global and local priorities
  • The presence of economic challenges
  • And agencies having to justify their very existence.

Understanding who you are now and what you want your organization to be, is essential to staying relevant for the future. We provide support and expertise to structure you and your organization for the demanding needs of the future. We implement a proven assessment process, develop a strategic plan and structure managing the change.

In conjunction with your organization’s key stakeholders a thorough assessment includes:

  1. Reviewing and Understanding the Mission, Vision and Goals of the agency
  2. Understanding the Direction of Leadership through Detailed Discussion
  3. Reviewing Current Services and Facilities
  4. Assessing Community Data both Current and Future Demographics
  5. Reviewing Agency Long and Short Range Planning
  6. Development of Change Management Teams for Agency Communication
  7. Conducting Employee Interviews with Transparency
  8. Jointly Developing Restructure and Implementation Plan
  9. Presenting Restructure and Implementation Plan to Leadership and Employees
  10. Provide Change Management Support

Research conducted in 2011 by Burke, states, 70% of revolutionary change fails. This is attributed to:

  • Lack of agency readiness
  • Absence of a planned approach
  • And not involving the people that are being effective by the change.

This planned approach addresses those important phases of the change process. The goal is to assure the agency is ready for change, communication occurs regarding the reasons for change, people effected are involved and, most importantly, the completed product is a working document that can sustain the agency in the future.