NC State University

Dale Smith serves:

  • Board of Regent Instructor for Supervisors’ Management School operated by NCSU and National Recreation and Park Association
  • Instructor for UNC Chapel Hill School of Government, Effective Supervisory Management Program

Our CEO, Dale Smith has spoken at national, state and local conferences as well as in a number of state university classrooms in North Carolina.

Her focus is real talk for managers, supervisors and young professionals in understanding the importance of their role, as well as, providing tips on how to practice excellence.  She brings real life perspective based on a lifetime of experiences working with teams.

Speaking Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Emotional Intelligence Importance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Women in Management
  • "Work Hard, Play Hard - You Got To Do The Work"

Most Popular Speaking Engagements:

Effective Leadership Principles

Theoretical and Practical Leadership practices that have simple and effective behaviors that derive results. Working in a supervisory capacity for much of my career, I found the same consistent principles to be effective when supervising people. This is not rocket science and there is no silver bullet, but I promise if you consistently practice these concepts as a leader, you will achieve success.

Change Management

Change is a tough thing to do. 70% of change fails. It takes communication, patience, consistency and involvement of those being affected. Understanding the dynamics that surround change, realizing that there has to be a process to effectively implement and sustain change and recognition that there will be challenges to the plan are imperative to success. Keeping your eye on the goal, persistence and flexibility are key. This presentation discusses these points and link concepts for greater understanding of the complexity of change.

Hiring and Keeping the Right Employee

I have been told that you should put in your hardest day of work when you hire someone! Great advice from a former colleague and so true. In government, we tend to rush this process and not think through the adage of “hire passion, teach skill” motto. Some of our practices are outdated and new processes and thoughts should be investigated and implemented. Also, we don’t always think about the employee once hired. There is no set process to integrate them within the system. This presentation talks about looking at hiring and keeping employees differently, particularly in the government sector.

Dale Smith Speaking

NCDHSS with the Senior Leadership Symposium

VA State Park Leadership Team

Supervisors' Management School -  Oglebay National Training Resort, Wheeling, West Va.

National Recreation and Park Association - National Conferences

North Carolina Recreation and Park Association - State Conferences, Educational Workshops

Universities - ECU, UNCG, Appalachian State

Vermont Recreation and Parks Association State Conference

Virginia Recreation and Parks Association Leadership Institutue

City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department - Training Workshop

NC Senior Center Leadership Symposium

Virginia State Parks Leadership Team


"Just wanted to send you a Thank You for your talk on Leadership today for the YVEDDI Leadership Team. The talk was very informative, but your presentation and story was motivating, uplifting and a little bit of an eye opener. Thank you again…truly, truly enjoyed it."

— Wendy Hayden
YVEDDI Leadership Team