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Why You Should Talk Less and Listen More

Seamless Transition Tip #2 -Talk Less, Listen More!

Tip #2 for Seamless Transitions!

Last month we discussed Tip #1 – Developing a Formal Process for Introduction starting the First Day. Now let’s discuss #2 – Talk Less, Listen More!

The mastery of this can make or break a successful transition. Employees appreciate the ability to tell their story and also express their own reality. Give them the ability to do that. A lot of new managers have a tendency to think they know what is needed within a division and/or organization prior to making the transition, especially if the transition is internal. They think that their employees expect them to have all the answers. Quite the opposite is my experience. The employees that are in the situation believe that they have the answers and want the opportunity to share them. The best managers are those that listen, evaluate and listen more before action is taken, specifically during a transition period.

I have also seen transitioning managers arbitrarily institute new processes that were used successfully at a previous position. The thought is that what worked there can work here, but they didn’t fully vet different circumstances, competencies, and culture to seek other options that might exist and the implementation of the new process failed. This type of action with little discovery can lead to inefficiencies and discontent among employees. To be able to stay away from that type of mistake, LISTEN and EVALUATE – you will be glad you did!

I challenge you to Talk Less, Listen More in transitioning. Your people will notice and appreciate the effort. If you need further assistance, let me know. I can help. You can reach me at or 919-923-3109. I offer a free thirty-minute coaching discovery session. Let’s calendar a time to explore your leadership.

Also, I offer a FREE E-Book on my website titled, Five Tips to Successful Transitioning. This is a powerful tutorial for new leaders. Visit my website at: to download yours today.


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