What is the difference between working hard and working smart?


There is a great deal of difference between working hard and working smart, specifically when it comes to management.

My interpretation of working hard is:

  • Long Hours
  • Multitasking
  • Busy Calendar
  • Accomplishing Tasks

I think working smart is more about assessing:

  • Priorities
  • Desired Accomplishments
  • Impact
  • Vision
  • Direction

I have coached management clients that are so swamped by their calendars and tasks that they don’t have time to be strategic, provide vision and understand impact in their leadership. Each client works long hours, multitasks reasonably well, and has extremely busy schedules but are concerned about their productivity.

In coaching these clients, we work to discover what is causing the overload and if there are strategies that can help them to work smarter. We discuss their desired goals and what is the most beneficial matters to address to achieve those goals. This works really well because people rarely take the time to evaluate their current situation and discuss options beyond their everyday processes. It is liberating for clients to do that evaluation and develop a system to prioritize need and impact. By doing that, they have the opportunity to recognize those areas that are “nice” to accomplish but not “necessary” to achieve desired goals. That recognition is definition of learning to WORK SMARTER!

Hiring a coach can help with this type of recognition and potential achievement.

Contact Smith Management and we will help you with this!

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